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Kavilco Incorporated is a southeast Alaska Native village corporation created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1973 with 120 original shareholders.

The Kavilco name was created with much thought. KA came from the Kasaan; VIL represents the Native Village of Kasaan; and CO represents the Company. Kasaan (Gasa'aan) is the only known permanent Haida village on the east coast of Prince of Wales Island, located on the north shore of Skowl Arm. Kasaan is a Tlingit word meaning “only place that looked good” or “pretty place,” but can also be translated as “town on a rock.”

Kavilco’s plaque and logo reads “Hale Alaska Indian Descendants All” which stands for HAIDA. Carved on the plaque are mountains, a long house, a totem, and water. The mountains represent future revenues as well as hunting areas. The long house and totem represents the past. The blue water is the fishing area around the Village of Kasaan from which our ancestors made their living.

In 1989, Kavilco Incorporated began operating as a Registered Investment Company, as defined by the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Please take note that Kavilco's Corporate Office in Seattle, Washington is moving to a new location effective October 1, 2016!



KHHF is Kavilco's nonprofit organization dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Kasaan Haida people.

Save the Whale House logo. BE A PART OF YOUR HISTORY!
The only remaining Haida clan house in the USA is the "Whale House" located in the village of Kasaan, on Prince of Wales Island in southern Southeast Alaska. The Whale House is undergoing an extensive restoration that is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

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