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Thank you for considering a donation to Kasaan Haida Heritage Foundation (KHHF). As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, KHHF can offer a tax donation for monetary and in-kind donations.

There are many projects important to the cultural heritage of the Kasaan Haida people: clan house and totem pole restorations, Haida language perpetuation, repatriation of Kasaan artifacts, interviewing and videotaping our Elders, and cleaning up the creeks near Kasaan for the return of salmon runs.


Our current priority is the restoration of Chief Son-I-Hat’s Whale House and Totem Park, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

In 1880, Chief Son-I-Hat (Kóyongxung), a Yáadaas clan (Eagle moiety) chief, built Náay I´waans (Whale House) near Kasaan Bay northwest of New Kasaan and lived there with his family until 1915. In 1938, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) employed local Natives to rebuild Náay I´waans, since it had not been occupied since the Chief left and had become badly deteriorated.

The CCC reconstruction of Náay I’waans at New Kasaan stands as a remarkable example of Native craftsmanship. This structure and the associated restored and copied totem poles from Old Kasaan occupy a natural setting unobtruded by signs of modern development. Experienced Native craftsmen who utilized traditional tools and woodworking methods were employed to reconstruct and restore the house and various poles from Old Kasaan. Due to its isolation and hence, lack of subsequent development, this site retains an element of originality and mood often lacking in reconstructions or replicas which have been modified or decorated in a nontraditional manner since their construction. With its unity of context this site has considerable potential for interpretive and/or display purposes, as well as serving as a meaningful locale for ceremonial or other community functions.

Because of a lack of maintenance by the U.S. Forest Service since the early 1940s, Náay I’waans and the totems have fallen into disrepair. The only Haida clan house in Alaska is in serious danger of being lost through deterioration. We are eager to dedicate our resources toward the goal of restoring Náay I’waans to a sound condition and are seeking grants, appropriations funds and donations to that end.


Because of the increasing age of our Elders, KHHF also works towards documenting and preserving our Haida language. Indigenous languages throughout the world suffer the threat of extinction. Haida is no different. A mere handful of our Kasaan Elders speak Haida fluently. The youngest fluent speakers are over 80 years old. Only one still lives in Kasaan.

All contributions will play a vital role in preserving the Haida language and culture for future generations.

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Earmarking Funds

You may direct your funds to a specific activity. Include mention of your intent in a letter to KHHF or write it in the memo section of your check. As examples, writing “Media Specialist” or "Language" will direct your donation to our Haida language and cultural projects. Using "Whale House" or "Totem Preservation" will help support our effort to restore the Chief Son-I-Hat Whale House and Totem Park.

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