Xaat Kíl – Haida Language

Haida (Xaat Kíl) is the ancestral language of the Haida people. Unfortunately, Haida is a highly endangered language. Today the Haida language has fewer than 65 speakers and nearly all the speakers are over the age of 80. While there is only a single Haida language, there are some noticeable dialectical differences between communities. For the most part, the differences are largely a matter of pronunciation and, to some extent, vocabulary.

The following are a small collection of words and phrases recorded by Frederick O. Olsen, Jr. in 2002, with Native speakers Julia Coburn and the late Dr. Erma G. Lawrence. They are speaking the Kasaan dialect of Alaskan Haida.

For more information on the Haida language go the Haida Language website.

Julia Coburn 2-07-2010

Julia Coburn
gumboot (giant red chiton, red gumboot)

means "hard smoke"

I love you.

Dr. Erma G. Lawrence
káts hláa
come here or c’mon

Sánuu dáng gíidang? Háw'aa.
How are you this morning? Thank you.