Original WatchmanFrom 2006 – 2014 Board meetings and annual meetings were opened and closed with this hand carved Watchman inspired by traditional Haida totems. It represents the spirits keeping an eye on proceedings to make sure the right things get done. Symbolically, watchmen kept an eye out for friends returning from a hunt, enemies, weather, animals, and anything else that might be of interest to the tribe.

President/CEO Louis A. Thompson carved the current Watchman in 2006, after the original Watchman was stolen from his briefcase during a Board meeting. His inspiration came from a photograph of a mortuary pole taken in Old Kasaan during the late 1960s. He carved it from the wood of a 250-year-old yew tree and gave him eyes of local abalone shell.

Original Watchman

The original Watchman was carved by Our current President Louis L. Jones, Sr. It was initially intended as the end of a halibut hook. Mr. Jones was inspired toOriginal Watchman. create the Watchman after seeing a Haida watchman on the corner post of a long house in Ketchikan, Alaska. It was carved from alder wood, sitting on a beach log with a walking stick under his chin; his watchful eyes made of abalone shell.

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